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Bye-Bye Basic, Hello Boutique

Bye-Bye Basic, Hello Boutique

LA Laser Hair Removal Puts Customer at the Center of the Experience

– By Jen Chase

When Amber Reyes was considering opening a hair removal spa 5 years ago, offices like that were a-plenty across the Las Vegas Valley…but they weren’t the kind she knew she could run. With chains fueled by a corporate culture she found cooly impersonal considering the very personal nature of one’s tolerance for body hair (or lackthereof, as is typically the case), Reyes’ own background working for a big-box brand drove her desire to offer Las Vegas something very different.

Starting with one machine in a one-room treatment office, Reyes opened LA Laser, which since 2014 has grown to accommodate a staff of 10, and a clientele that appreciates her passion for improving their self esteem.

“Amber felt like Las Vegas needed a boutique-style laser spa where clients could feel cared for, and not just like a sale,” says Paulina Salinas, director of marketing for LA Laser. “She wanted an environment that was friendly and welcoming. This is why LA Laser is a boutique spa that caters to clients’ needs, individually, and treats everyone like family.”

…And a smooth, glowing, younger-looking family, at that. Reyes’s spa has become known for a few signature services that are designed to help raise confidence by boosting collagen, obliterating blemishes, and banishing unwanted hair in unwanted places. Says Salinas, client faves include the Skin Tightening Treatment, which uses lasers to promote collagen production and fill in fine lines to revive our skin’s luminosity that everyday life drains from it. Another winner? The Acne Laser Facial…known for what Salinas calls an “extremely thorough extraction process” that acts as a deep cleanse and reset for pimple-prone skin. (That treatment gets finished off with a round of laser that has healing properties and kills bacteria, too.)

For folks in need of straight-up hair removal, there’s the boutique’s unique $99/Month Unlimited Hair Removal Program, a membership offering tailored to each client’s needs. According to Salinas, one of the most popular body-part combos people choose to have lasered is the face-neck-underarm plus a Brazilian-style bikini treatment. “The areas can [also] be switched up…giving you the flexibility that other spas don’t,” adds Salinas.

It’s that kind of personalized attention to detail that sets Reyes’ LA Laser apart from the rest. “Every package is by design,” says Salinas of the boutique (which has a Hawaii outpost that Reyes co-owns with Shauna Barbosa). “Everything is custom designed, and we take pride in that. We want every client to feel comfortable and welcome…and proud to be a part of LA Laser.”

For more information, please visit or call (702) 994-1900.

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