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Letter From The Publisher: Tim Hancock | Issue 15

Letter From The Publisher: Tim Hancock | Issue 15

Virtues For A New Decade

Regardless of technology’s growth; the rise of new platforms; and the instant visibility that the digital age gifts us with on the regular, the future will forever reward the following three virtues in our evolving culture: originality, community and inclusion.

To be ORIGINAL means that lavish or organic, you’re true to the traits of your personality or brand, forever paving the way toward your best path to success. 

To be in COMMUNITY means remembering this: Nothing thrives in this world without proper nurturing. People blossom in community and so do brands…especially when they position community at the center of their culture. Our Women of Wonder honorees are shining examples of community in action.

And to be INCLUSIVE means finding ways to welcome the newcomers, support emerging businesses and evolve your own story so that it contributes to the success of others. It’s often as simple as reaching back and grabbing a hand to join you along for the journey of success you achieve at every level.

As we welcome a new decade, I hope you enjoy this issue and believe as we do: True luxury is within reach…especially if you hold tight to those three tenets. I’m proud of what Deluxe Version Magazine brings you, which, hopefully, is a sense that with every page you feel closer to the very best that life has to offer.

– Tim Hancock

Publisher | Deluxe Version Magazine

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