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Valerie McClaskey | Fashion Visionary

valValerie McClaskey is an entrepreneurial force of nature in the Las Vegas fashion industry. Her positive business philosophy, passion for collaboration and community, and relentless drive have set her on a compelling career path and afforded her an exceptional depth of experience in a variety of roles. Drawn to commerce in her teen years, Valerie now owns Boutikitou, a boutique catering to women who value unique, playful items and personal styling. Valerie believes in “starting with the inside” in developing a personal sense of style and loves helping her diverse clientele express their individuality through fashion. Boutikitou continues to grow with additional locations planned in the near future. Apart from owning and operating her business, Valerie is also a stylist and designer and has styled and designed couture fashion for numerous locals and celebrities.

As founder of Fashion Mob, Valerie has designed an integrated project that brings the best in Las Vegas fashion together for powerful collaboration and exciting events. By uniting talented designers, stylists, models, Hair and Make Up entrepreneurs and other professionals, Fashion Mob is poised to showcase a diversity of creative statements and “enforce positive corruption” on the local community. Valerie’s desire to instill confidence in everyone she meets and act as a positive influence in the lives of others has also led her to start Rebel Hearts club, an organization to mentor teens and help them develop a healthy self-image. When Valerie isn’t busy making waves in the fashion industry she enjoys focusing on family and spiritual reflection.

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