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The Truth Doesn’t Have to Hurt

The Truth Doesn’t Have to Hurt

– By Dani Reeves

Aging is inevitable. In fact, more than 50 percent of women regularly worry about the signs of aging and men are admitting that they fear fine lines as well. The antidote to all of this is that no one notices and with so many procedures, it’s a bit overwhelming to know where you should begin.

We sat down with Stephanie Hill, a Clinical Assistant, and Patient Coordinator at Clinical MD Medical Spa.  With her 25 years of experience in the Aesthetic Industry, she is clearly one of the most experienced aesthetic professionals in the industry.  She has been featured on Fox Television and in New Beauty Magazine, just to name a few and has even developed her own Clinical MD Skin Care Line. Working closely with dermatology and plastic surgery patients over the last 25 years, she definitely has some insight into what works, what hurts and what does not.

Stephanie explains, “You do not need a lot of work when you are just maintaining or enhancing your natural beauty.  An Aesthetic Professional should always be conservative, kind, and gentle with every person’s skin.”

It’s no secret that aesthetic skincare options are rapidly changing.  With minimal to no discomfort, they seem to now be able to take years off someone’s face in just minutes.

Some fun facts we learned while chatting with the Aesthetic Professionals at Clinical MD Medical Spa in Las Vegas.

The most popular procedures are Juvederm and Botox. The average cost is $1000. Results last up to a year. Together these two products literally erase wrinkles and add volume back where you have lost natural collagen.

The second most popular procedures are the Candela RF Laser and Cutera Laser Genesis. The average cost together is $450 and these treatments last up to 6 months.  Together these two procedures literally rebuild the structure of your collagen matrix and tighten your skin immediately and give you an immediately noticeable lift and glow.

The MINT and SILHOUETTE BARBED Threads are quickly rising to the top of the favorites list. With barbed threads newfound ability, you can gently have your cheeks, jawline, and neck lifted in minutes.

Hill continued to explain, “When lasers and fillers don’t seem to be enough, and you are not quite ready to have a facelift, you should definitely talk to the physician about a few threads. Threads only have the ability to lift you a couple of centimeters, but on the face that can be just the perfect natural pick me up you need.”

With results lasting between 2-3 years and costing approximately $250 per barbed thread, the thread lift may be just what the doctor orders.

A conversation with the Physician is always a must to discuss the perfect options to help you maintain and enhance your natural beauty.

To schedule a professional private consultation with the physician and his team of medical professionals. Text or call Clinical MD Medical Spa in Las Vegas at (702) 372-5603.

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