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– By Lauryn Evarts Bosstick

First Things First: European Vacation Makeup

I start by prepping the skin with oils then do a caffeinated sunscreen. I ALWAYS apply sunscreen with a damp @beautyblender– the application is easier. Then I do a CC cream- huge fan of @erborian_usa créme or @itcosmetics ( oil-free, matte but only in the heat or flash photography- illuminating for other daytime occasions ). Then I add some translucent powder like @lauramercier or @lawless. 

For brows, I like a bold/youthful brow brushed up- so @geebeauty’s brow situation is a lifesaver. Sometimes I do mascara, sometimes I don’t. In this pic I’m wearing clear mascara & a little @milkmakeup silver CBD mascara. I swipe on some gloss (@laneige_us lip mask here) & spritz a mist (OBSESSED with @honest_beauty’s mist right now). & you’re good to go!


This was snapped on a tiny little beach called Paloma Beach very close to The Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat. We enjoyed a very seafood focussed meal with a bottle of dry wine. The ambience was stunning, the meal felt home-cooked & the vibe was everything you would want & expect from the South of France.


This was my husband’s first Insta of the trip. Maybe there was a 10 minute fight over it, maybe there wasn’t. I was very inspired by teals the entire trip. Teals felt very ‘French Riviera’ for me so I was mixing them in with my TSC bubblegum pink.


I saw this little vintage map on the side of the road. It obviously fits with my Instagram feed, but also showcases one of my favorite places in the world. Of course I had to take pic & share with The Skinny Confidential community.


The trip was spent reading a lot. Reading is really important for me to make time for. I had just finished My First Five Husbands and The Ones That Got Away by Rue Mclanahan & was onto Rob Lowe’s new book. I highly recommend both of them. This outfit was ideal because it felt like I was on my 4th husband. LOL. Also, this hat kept my face out of the sun the entire trip. Sure, maybe I lost it & had to overnight another one to my hotel, but that’s neither here nor there. 


This velvet bathing suit made its debut on this trip. It was so fun because you can get it wet ( I know, shocking ) & it holds you in at all the right places. I had this moment by the pool at The Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat.  We were by the pool enjoying watermelon & mint juice, & lots of French fries, which I probably shouldn’t have been eating in this bathing suit.


The hat is back. I’m a huge advocate of staying out of the sun because I’m not a fan of fine lines, wrinkles or baking my face. So this hat really did save my life. It’s also great if you’re feeling hungover or puffy from jetlag. 


This is after our stay at The Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat. We had just arrived in Capri, Italy. We immediately went to Ristorante La Fontelina & had the most insane pasta & cheese filled lunch. Then we then headed down to the beach to really take in Capri because we had never been. It was so shockingly beautiful.


After St. Tropez we went to Antibes & stayed at The Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc. I could live there. You literally feel like a princess. This was probably the most romantic part of the vacation & it was really nice to spend time with my husband.

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