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The Elite Advocate: Steve Dimopoulos | Las Vegas Cover Feature 

The Elite Advocate: Steve Dimopoulos | Las Vegas Cover Feature defines the adjective “elite” as: “Representing the most choice or select; best.” Fittingly, Steve Dimopoulos, founding attorney of Dimopoulos Injury Law, brands his firm as Legal Elite.

Dimopoulos began his career as a corporate attorney in his home state of Michigan and before going into practice, Dimopoulos showed considerable legal promise: He scored in the top one percent nationally on the multistate bar exam, and he would go on to obtain licenses to practice in three states. For most young lawyers, landing a fancy job with a multinational company would’ve been living the dream. But it wasn’t enough for Dimopoulos, who describes himself as “entrepreneurial-at-heart.”  Ready and willing to take a risk, Dimopoulos set his sights on life in fabulous Las Vegas with a legal practice that was a big shift from corporate law: personal injury and wrongful death.

Dimopoulos founded his firm in May 2015. In the beginning, the firm comprised only Dimopoulos and one legal assistant. In fewer than 4 years the firm has grown to a legal-all-star-team of six attorneys and 20 assistants.  “Our team is licensed in four states and we speak six languages fluently,” Dimopoulos adds proudly.

The firm has recovered millions in compensation on behalf of its clients, many of whom were in the grips of the toughest times of their lives. Dimopoulos shares a recent story in which the firm recovered $1 million on behalf of a homeless man hit by a vehicle. “I don’t mean to be cliché,” says Dimopoulos, “but changing people’s lives for the better and seeing the looks on their faces when we do it are some of my favorite things about my job.”

Dimopoulos admits he’s most rewarded when he does what his peers couldn’t or wouldn’t do. “Few things are more gratifying than recovering for a client when a number of competitors didn’t see an angle.”

While Dimopoulos loves the type of law he practices, he made the jump to this specialty with eyes wide open about how outsiders perceive his niche. “Corporate law is on one end of the spectrum—more respected and highly regarded,” he says. “To be honest, personal injury has sort of taken on a bottom-of-the-barrel reputation in terms of prestige and respect in the legal profession.  It was very important to me, at the outset…to have a high-end, respected brand.”

Today, Dimopoulos pushes back on the stale, ambulance-chaser stereotype…replacing it with something new: Himself. He’s brilliant, handsome, chic, and yes…elite. Locals are well acquainted with Dimopoulos’ Las Vegas billboards that are more Tom Ford than L.A. Law. Any visit to his office reveals elegance. And a glimpse at his showstopper car—a Ferrari 488 GTB in Rosso Corsa—is an outward reflection of an inner sense of flash that’s complemented by his pastimes of Jiu-Jitsu, marksmanship and fine food. Yet what makes Dimopoulos unique in a city of fun is his passion to give back to his second home. Local organizations like the Injured Police Officers Fund are recipients of his good fortune thanks to Dimopoulos feeling “an even greater connection to the city” in light of its renewed strength and sense of community in the aftermath of the October 2017 shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

What’s the next big thing for Dimopoulos’ law firm? Look forward to its fancy new office opening in Townsquare in July 2019. We bet you won’t be able to miss it.
–Olivia Fierro

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