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The Art Of Sneakers With Shyon Keoppel

The Art Of Sneakers With Shyon Keoppel

– By Danica Serena Stockton

Sneaker Garden LA launched earlier this year in a prime location off of Cahuenga Boulevard. Now Sneaker Garden LV attracts locals and visitors from all over the world with their Las Vegas Boulevard location inside Resorts World. The Vegas location celebrated its grand opening launch this summer and with heavy foot traffic through the store and an abundant amount of customers, the launch was a success. Owner, Shyon Keoppel, expects steady growth and exposure as he expands the brand’s presence from Los Angeles to include the Las Vegas market as well. 

Keoppel mentions the appeal to customers and spectators, “For people who can afford them, they buy. Even for those who cannot afford them, they come to see the shoes and take pictures.” He continues to explain that the venue offers, “highly sought after shoes that can’t be found in any retail stores, but typically only online…which can take up to two weeks [for shipping].” With Sneaker Garden, customers can obtain their exclusive and rare sneaker finds there, in-store, with the ability to try them on and purchase them without delay.

After learning more of the nature of Sneaker Garden, it seems as though they serve equally as retail locations for shoppers and as museum displays of the sneakers as art to spectators. With a wide selection of both men’s and women’s shoes, every sneakerhead can find a pair that will boost their collections to the next level. Buyers can set themselves apart from the crowd with one-of-a-kind shoes. Whether they are bought with the intent to wear or with the intent to display as art or with the intent to be added to a vast collection, the sneakers at Sneaker Garden are sure to catch eyes and attention.

With most of his investments ranging from restaurants to hospitality and real estate, Keoppel is excited to have stepped into the field of retail investment.

“I’ve always loved shoes. I have close friends in retail so I figured out how to combine the two,” he explains.

With the successes of his previous investments, the friendly and helpful Sneaker Garden staff, prime locations, and high-quality products, all signs point to a beneficial and promising start to the Sneaker Garden brand. Shyon Keoppel intends to spend more of his time in Las Vegas to ensure that Sneaker Garden LV has a steady and stable climb.

To learn more, visit and @sneakergardenofficial on IG.

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