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Sweden’s Promised Fighter

Sweden’s Promised Fighter

Chris Spang – By Stacey Gualandi 

I can’t think of who Chris Spang looks like more: one of the two Ryans (Reynolds and Gosling, naturally) or DJ Calvin Harris. But I can tell you one thing he doesn’t look like, and that’s a fighter. With his chiseled good looks and lean, 6 foot-plus frame, the Swedish-born 28 year old seems better suited for a photo shoot than a boxing ring. But don’t let this knockout fool you. These days, the former UFC fighter-turned-model can be seen in both.

Spang grew up in the tiny southern Swedish village of Vaxjo with his parents and older brother, Andreas. As young boxers, both boys had dreams of turning professional; however, it seemed an untenable dream, being from such a small place. “All the people in our village, when we said we wanted to do this they were just laughing at us because everyone lives there, works there, and dies there. They never leave,” says Spang. Continue reading on page 29.


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