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Summer Fashion Abroad With Nicoletta Pellegrino

Summer Fashion Abroad With Nicoletta Pellegrino

As the seasons begin to change and yet another summer comes and goes; I find myself continually gazing back at the photos that made up my summer love affair with fashion and travel. And like any great summer love affair, I was swept off my feet each and every time and in very different ways by each of my suitors.

My 1st summer love began in April at Coachella. The style of Coachella matched that of any first summer fling. There was a dangerous edgy risk taking fashion, where vintage band shirts and high-waisted denim were seen paired with feminine floral kimonos and fringe for days. This groupie love affair never disappointed and I am sure we will see a very similar style during the fall season paired with ankle boots and lots of leather.

As summer progressed and my first flame seemed to now only be a flicker in the past I became enamored with the artistic, meets gothic, old world bohemian charm of Barcelona. I was head over heels for the effortless style of this new flame. This lover was more conservative and paired things vintage embroidered pieces with fedoras and layers of silver and turquoise jewelry. Everything was done with purpose and every piece so satisfying to the senses. I took something away from this lover, never forget the styles of the past, never be afraid to take risks pairing the old with the new, and lastly the more layers the better.

I needed to forget the artsy bohemian swagger of my Barcelona affair. And the only way to get forget and satisfy my craving for more, was to venture to the hottest, sexiest place I could imagine. And so my steamy encounter with Ibiza began. Brightly dyed hair, barely there clothes and military boots were what met me on the beaches. Since the clothing was scarce this proactive new escort wowed with ear cuffs, partially shaved heads, bright nail art and non stop sex appeal.

I couldn’t continue like this, I now craved a more mature and sophisticated partner. The best place to find this particular breed would have to be at Opening Day at the San Diego racetrack I was sure. Chanel, Gucci, YSL, and Dolce quenched my thirst on every level. So much glamour and class, perfectly glossed lips, gorgeous opening day fascinators and hats as far as the eye could see, and heels that reached to the sky. The allure of this new suitor was too much, I decided to stay, at least through the winter. There are very few places you can go and see style that works season and this was the place. And so as fall approaches I cant wait to see what San Diego has to offer; I am sure the empire waist dresses and classic red lips will be seen alongside patterned sheer stockings and knee-high boots with chunky gold bangles and posh oversized sunglasses.

– Nicoletta Pellegrino

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