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Styling Sensation: Brenda Ferrell Beautifies Tinseltown, One Head and Face at a Time

Styling Sensation: Brenda Ferrell Beautifies Tinseltown, One Head and Face at a Time

By Mariah Walton

Connecting with Brenda Ferrell was definitely one of those situations where you say to yourself, “all good things come to those who wait.” Amidst her demanding schedule of traveling around the world and hairstyling for reality TV shows, to becoming the personal hair and makeup artist for Eden Sassoon (daughter of the late world renowned hair technician Vidal Sassoon), Ferrell is wise beyond her 26 years and is on an uphill slope to extreme success. If you’ve ever had endeavors you’d like to see come to pass, her story will be both refreshing and encouraging to you.

While I interview her between her clients, I deduce the magnitude of her work ethic, and learn it was gained from watching her mother, a divorcée, juggle life with five children while working as a cross-country truck driver. Ferrell grew up with mainly just her siblings at home and took many odd jobs as a kid. All were in customer service. From servicing others, she learned how rewarding it can be to give rather than receive.

In her young adult years, Ferrell became interested in hair. She began taking cosmetology classes at night and worked during the day. After 2 years of this packed schedule, Ferrell graduated cosmetology school and decided she wanted to work in Beverly Hills, hailing from downtown LA herself.

Applying and landing a stylist assistant gig at the then Warren Tricomi Salon, she continued to work her day job until she finally stepped out to work here solely. Through a friend, she applied and got her dream job hair styling “on the floor,” as the stylists call it, at Eden Sassoon’s salon, now working part time at both salons until Warren Tricomi closed, forcing her to only work at one place.

When asked what she felt about her first time ultimately working at one place, she replies, “I just had the determination to make it. I was not interested in relying on anything or anyone else.” […] Continue reading on Page 28-29

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