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Spring Summer 2015 Issue

Spring Summer 2015 Issue
DLXVRSNWelcome to DLXVRSN (Deluxe Version),

In this issue we have featured are some of the most sought out individuals in their fields, including Dr. Paul Nassif, Tyson Beckford and ZEDD just to name a few! So dive in and enjoy this interactive issue as we take you to our luxurious world within the pages of our publication.

Cover: Hayley Marie Norman, 26, is an American film and television actress known for numerous roles including the critically acclaimed Top Five, as well as Fired Up, Hancock, Beyond the Lights, Trailer Park of Terror, Our Family Wedding, Norbit and more. Her story was interviewed and written by Emmy Award-winning journalist Patranya Bhoolsuwan, contributing editor for DLXVRSN magazine.

Pronounced “Deluxe Version,” DLXVRSN magazine is a luxury online publication and available for direct print order for stylish enthusiasts. With more than 55,000 online readers, the magazine invites its fans closer to the many realms of high art through talent, taste, fashion and finer living. The publication contains exclusive interviews with celebrities and leaders in fashion, as well as national stories relative to finer living. Issues are published by DLXVRSN Media INC. and promoted via public relations by Ava Rose Agency.


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