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South Beach Resort Opening Fall 2016 In Las Vegas

South Beach Resort Opening Fall 2016 In Las Vegas

Coming Home Is Like Getting Away
Shouldn’t the best part of your day be waking up in a stunning place to call home? Even to find after a long day of activities you simply cannot wait to return to the palatial surroundings you’ve come to love. Your favorite getaway, your daily dream escape, is now a place within reach and it’s a lifestyle luxuriously curated for your well being.

South Beach Resort believes that living spaces and surroundings should promote your wellness, and your wellness in return should energize your love for living. It may sound too good to be true, but the core of our resort is that unity amongst vibrant residents who desire the best life possible. A theory we trust wholeheartedly is that a wellness energized community leads to a more desirable resort for all who call South Beach Resort home. We hope to infuse residents continuously with youthfulness, vibrance and passion for life. In the same way our resort will maintain its spectacular qualities and amenities that make such energy possible.

Everything a resident needs will be with reach at South Beach Resort as we pride ourselves in providing premier connectivity with resort programs and and resort services. From fitness classes, to yoga, meditation, and pet activities; we have found a way to to make living truly pleasurable and exciting. There are no more ordinary and uneventful days that surround your home, a genuine setting for community and convenience on a daily basis. It truly is a lifestyle within the expectations of finer living. Our resort has a heartbeat just like our residents, and the experience within South Beach Resort is vibrant, energetic and prolonging for the very best that life has to offer.

Live Beyond Luxury
True resort style preference has yet to make its way in to the Las Vegas living communities — until now. In a city that redefined world-class resort tourism, South Beach Resort is bringing the inspired five star strip-catered pleasures within a refreshingly modern art-deco blend of elegance. Those who crave the preferred lifestyle have a new rental destination in the Summerlin area that no other residential property rivals. Featuring matchless amenities, ultra plush interiors, otherworldly landscaping, resident curated activities, hotel quality inspired home services, nearby shopping at Downtown Summerlin, and an incomparable rewards program connecting the Strip’s most prestigious offerings. Residents who select South Beach Resort prefer the resort style touch, a hotel-to-home experience, and a masterfully tailored surrounding that appeals to those ready to live beyond luxury. Opening Fall 2016.

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