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Soaps’ Slayer Robert Scott Wilson

Soaps’ Slayer Robert Scott Wilson

Soaps’ Slayer Robert Scott Wilson Makes A Killing In Daytime Television

– By Stacey Gualandi

When Days of Our Lives decided to breathe new life back into a character all about death, actor Robert Scott Wilson didn’t choke.

Wilson—with his scary good looks and bad boy bravado—once slayed devoted daytime fans as “Ben Weston,” the serial killer who strangled his way through (the fictional town of) Salem. Well, “Ben” is back, and this time he’s reformed and ready for romance. It was a part Wilson would kill for.

“[‘Ben Weston’] went from being the most villainous bad guy…to now [having] this new light shined on him. The vulnerability and the path to redemption is just really nice to play as an actor,” says Wilson. “I’m really grateful to have such an opportunity again.”

The 30 year old has cut his own path since growing up a shy kid with a single mom outside of Boston. (Despite his mother’s claim, Wilson has no recollection of singing along to Michael Jackson!) He says most of his east-coast upbringing revolved around playing professional paintball.

“I grew up working and playing in paintball fields,” says Wilson. “I reffed tournaments and that’s something that a lot of people don’t know.”

Photos above by Gabe Ayala

But his close friends pushed him to get off the field and on to film. He (reluctantly) signed with a local talent agency, which “opened up the door for me to stick my neck out.” That soon led to modeling, music videos and moving away to pursue a career that he admittedly says he fell into.

“My first scene ever as an actor was with Anne Hathaway [in Bride Wars], so I had this taste of a big studio film right off the bat. I was in the right place, right time…right shirt maybe,” he jokes.

The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it-scene was good enough to get him a SAG card, more movies (The Social Network, Friends with Benefits); TV shows (Entourage, The Middle); and soaps (All My Children and, now, Days).

But he says his real launchpad was the long-running game show The Price is Right. In 2012, viewers voted him to victory in a televised search for the show’s first male model.

Photo by Mark Hanson

“That was such an awesome opportunity and it kind of shined a light on me to the daytime community, which has been so good to me,” he adds. “And one of the best things that came from that was my relationship with Drew Carey. [He] is one of the coolest, nicest guys.”

Going from paintball to Plinko wasn’t always easy for this darling of daytime dramas. Adjusting to LA life, nightmare roommates and sacrificing family and friendships back in Boston all took their toll, but Wilson says he’s blessed to be a working actor.

“I know I’m just cracking the surface and there’s so much more that I want to do.

I really believe that fortune favors the bold and not just in the business of my work and craft, but just in life in general,” shares Wilson. “You’ve got to take chances. The good stuff happens outside of your comfort zone and you have to kind of push when you don’t feel like it.”

Wilson has several independent movies ready for release and plans to produce his own films in the near future. Someday he even hopes to go big AND go home. “To shoot something back home in Boston with a cast of my choice. That would just be the dream, you know?”

In the meantime, he’ll keep “honing his craft” on the multiple Emmy-winning Days of Our Lives. When it comes to this serial, Robert Scott Wilson is killin’ it.

“We’re all here for such a short amount of time. I know how quickly life can change and I just want to try to leave a mark.”

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