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Shawn Cunningham | Personal Trainer

shawnjpgShawn Cunningham is an insured & certified personal trainer, entrepreneur, and business owner of Get Results Personal Training. Shawn is an independent trainer located at City Athletic Club in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Shawn has been a personal trainer for 5 years and has worked for many popular franchise gyms in Las Vegas such as Lifetime Athletic, & 24 hour fitness. He has trained clients such as Valerie Pro, top 5th contestant, Miss Nevada Beauty Pageant 2011, Garrett Ogata, one of the best criminal Defense Attorneys in Las Vegas, and Perry Rogers, Shaquille O’neal’s Sport Agent. In 2012 Shawn launched and created his company called Get Results Training. He has trained thousands of clients throughout both of these gyms, and has changed so many lives. What Shawn believes that makes personal training  so successful is his ability to adapt and train any client from sport specific athletes to weight-loss clients.

Shawn’s passion is to help people succeed! There is no better happiness that he gets when a client reaches their goal & holds their head up a little higher every time they come in through his doors. Shawn’s company offers 1 on 1 training sessions, Partner Training, In-Home Training, Massage Therapy, Nutritional Counseling & Planning.

Get Results Training
Facebook: @getresultstraininglv
Phone: 1.702.673.8899

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