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Scott Commings: Wine Dinners

Scott Commings: Wine Dinners

Connecting Community in Lake Las Vegas

–By Mike Doria 

For most people, pairing a bottle of wine with dinner is usually an afterthought reduced to the simple choice of red or white. For Hell’s Kitchen: Season 12 winner and Lake Las Vegas Executive Chef Scott Commings, the selection process is the foundation and inspiration behind the entire menu…from appetizer to dessert.

“I taste different wines, and pull out the flavors of each wine. Then, I create a menu to match those flavor profiles,” says Commings. For a recent menu creation, Commings called upon the experience of sipping a Sauvignon Blanc and noticing hints of strawberry. That discovery prompted him to develop a foie gras dish with grilled strawberries, and pickled green strawberries. 

“It’s fun to play on the wine and the food at the same time,” he sys. “You can kind of get that full, round experience during dinner.”

Commings has been offering wine dinners periodically throughout the years, but they’re now among the menu of monthly events at Lake Las Vegas for the remainder of 2019.  Guests are seated communal-style, which serves up serendipity “so you’re sitting next to people you normally wouldn’t interact with,” says Commings. “You don’t know everyone. You’re meeting new people and conversing.”

Each four- or five-course wine dinner has its own identity. “Naturally, we start lighter and work our way through to the main entrée,” Commings says. “That’s usually showcased by a bigger red wine like a Cabernet or Merlot.”  The dinners take place on Friday nights, with the breathtaking scenery of the Reflection Bay Golf Club and its surroundings as the backdrop. And, they are open to the public…not just homeowners within the community. Depending on the wine and food involved, the cost ranges from $55 to $120 per person.  

“Really, we’re just showcasing a great evening, coming together and sitting together to enjoy great wine and great food,” says Commings. And if people leave a little more educated on wine pairings (or with an idea for a dinner party of their own among newfound friends) even better!

Wine dinner details are posted on Eventbrite. Reservations can also be made by emailing or calling 702.904.7884.

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