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Santorini Bound

Santorini Bound

By Urian Booze

Santorini: A boundless expanse of blue and white from sea to sky and everywhere in between. With jaw-dropping views from every angle and an active volcano seemingly an arm’s reach away, it’s the island hopper’s dream that simply can’t miss if Greece is on the itinerary. This sun-drenched maze of pure beauty welcomes visitors to get lost on its winding paths and take in sights peppered with plenty of sweet spots sprinkled about, allowing visitorsto sit and catch their breath while taking the breath away, all at the same time.

Plan A Perfect Day

Peacefully serene mornings give way to endless possibilities as you meander into the capital of Fira for an afternoon of artisanal food and shopping exploration. While you’d be very lucky to find an elevator anywhere on the island, the built-in fitness fix of endless stairs comes with killer vistas help justify every scrumptious bite of your last perfect gyro. Dancing helps too, as the nightlife scene isn’t lacking…so after a fun night of bottle popping under the stars at Koo Club, consider a nearby 24-hour bakery for a delectably sweet nightcap.

In Vino Veritas

Santorini’s wineries prove to be well worth a drive to the village of Megalochori. Showcasing unique grape varietals that are never actually watered, the volcanic soil of this island attracts all the moisture they need to thrive and produce stellar wines. Full-bodied tastings paired with locally grown olives and flavorful cheeses write the poetry of a truly palate-pleasing adventure. (And yes, the wineries have amazing views too.)

Water, Water, Everywhere….

Nothing embodies Santorini’s luxury like a private yacht cruise around the island. As with most of the island’s other activities, sunset is prime time: You simply can’t go wrong with fantastic Greek delicacies prepared by an onboard chef and served with local wine, good company, and a refreshing dip into calm, blue waters surrounded by majestic cliffs and caves that could’ve been hand-chiseled by the gods. Red, white, and black sand beaches can be spotted along the way, some tucked right into the jagged rock. While each small village of Santorini has its own explanation for why itssunset spot is the absolute greatest (Oia especially), a well-appointed vessel on the Aegean Sea is arguably the best seat in the house.

Whether traveling alone, celebrating romance, or making new memories with agroup of great friends, Santorini is undoubtedly one of those magical places you’ll want to visit again and again. […] Continue reading on Page 80-81

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