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Preventing Fitness Cliff Fall-Off

Preventing Fitness Cliff Fall-Off

By Stacey Gualandi

It’s May—5 months into your New Year’s fitness goals—and you’re discouraged, quitting your quad squats, and eventually jumping off the proverbial “fitness cliff.”

You’re certainly not alone. Setting goals, staying motivated and seeing results is not as easy as it sounds. One recent study shows that roughly 25 percent of goal-setters at the start of the year stick it out beyond Feb. 9; and of that group, 9 out of 10 were working with a personal trainer.

Could a workout ally be the key difference between giving up or going forward? Las Vegas-based Pure Private Fitness owner/trainer Dana Wong says, absolutely! “When you have a trainer, someone is setting goals with you,” says Wong. “Many times, goals are either too broad or too focused. If someone doesn’t see immediate results, or it’s too hard, they get discouraged and fall off. Trainers have the background and experience to know what’s right for you.”

I now know that first-hand. I started working out with PPF co-owner/trainer Gabreal Velez in January. I admit, it is so much easier to blow off a trip to the gym if I were on my own. But 3 months in, I’m committed to showing up not only for Velez, but also for myself. And I’m starting to see results.

According to Velez, one of the biggest factors is accountability. Losing interest and motivation comes from not seeing a “quick fix.” “There is no such thing as a quick fix,” he says. “You have to be here and put the time in.”

At Pure Private Fitness—which, among other attributes is the only training experience in town offering pilates and fitness sessions without a gym membership—Wong and Velez customize specific programs for each individual client, no matter their fitness level. As long as they’re dedicated, Wong and Velez say those in-training WILL see results.

“At our gym, there is resistance training, functional training, cardio, weightlifting, pilates: basically everything from A to Z, this gym does it all,” says Wong. “You learn how to work efficiently. It’s 90 minutes packed into one hour. You’re getting maximum use of your time and staying focused. Get in and get out.”

Wong says people can also get hurt without a trainer. She has spent much of the past 30 years undoing damage by using restorative pilates.

“I had a competitive weight lifter who was in so much pain for 3 years; she came to me in tears. After nine sessions, she’s back doing her workouts again,” says Wong. “And, a bartender client with pain in her upper body and lower back now has full mobility again. She appreciates what pilates has done and wants to start working out again!”

To get started (or re-started), Wong advises to, 1) find the right trainer; 2) decide what your specific goal is; 3) address any issues or injuries you have; and then 4) do something. It’s all about building confidence: When you look good, you feel good.

So when exactly does a trainer know when he/she has done his/her job. Velez says the ultimate compliment is when a client says, “I no longer need you,” adding that when you find the solution through exercise, “you’ll see the results that you deserve.”

(Finally, you can bypass that fitness cliff for good!)

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