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Planning Your Financial Future

Planning Your Financial Future

Planning Your Future With West Pac Wealth Partners

– By Elena Castriota

Marie Kondo might have you organizing your sock drawer, but have you considered organizing your finances? WestPac Wealth Partners is a full service financial firm offering assistance around investments and retirement planning to insurance and protection advice on how to plan for one’s financial future in a truly holistic manner.

“What we really focus on is helping our clients to both better understand their finances and to provide organization around them. Understanding how all financial decisions we make are interdependent and choices we make in one area of our lives can greatly impact those we make in others.” said Travis  Scribner, the firms Managing Partner.

Anand Nair, one of the firms Managing Directors believes that what separates WestPac from firms with similar services is the process WestPac goes through with its clients. Says Nair, many people don’t realize how disorganized their finances are, and despite knowing where their money is, they don’t know how to look at it holistically and make long-term plans.

“So many people end up coming into your life in regards to financial decision making—whether it be financing a car, taking out a student loan, or the choice of a new mortgage—usually without coordination in working TOGETHER to implement a cohesive plan,” explains Nair.

The firm works with CPAs, lawyers and other relevant professionals to assess an individual’s assets and consolidate as much information as possible. Its mission is to make sure that all of the factors that make up an individuals balance sheet are working together in the most efficient manner possible.

“Ultimately, our objective is to help our clients make smart financial decisions,” states Brennan Drew, the firm’s other Managing Director. “It’s more about the process than the products, and making sure they have clarity around their financial success.”

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