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The Future Of Hydration

The Future Of Hydration


– By Samantha Thomas 

Just type the word “water” in any search bar, and the list of its benefits you get back, are endless. We all know that staying hydrated is essential to performing at our best, but knowing which brand and beverage to choose, and which to discard, can be just as important a task; especially in the Las Vegas heat. After meeting Mariah Fineman, President of GreenOne Holdings, The creators of Las Vegas’ own idrink beverages, the task seems more manageable.

“Water is not just water,” says Mariah. “It’s what’s inside that counts”. idrink beverages filtered onto the scene 3 years ago, with its unique message of “Hydration You Can Feel,” and this Water is living up to its trademark.

Meeting Mariah Fineman is just as refreshing as the brand she represents. Since the age of 6, Fineman has called Las Vegas her home. Relocating from the bomb shelters in Lebanon, and learning English as her third language (from a “speak and spell” toy), Fineman gained an impressive work ethic from the appreciation of her new life; and the result has been a remarkable sense of giving back.

At 5’1”, this Wife, Mother, and Entrepreneur, stand out as much as her brand does in the beverage industry. idrink is a real first of its kind. A true nutrient water that hydrates through the power of nanotechnology. While other beverages use massive marketing dollars to counter the fact that their contents provide no actual benefits (other than taste), idrink spent its money attacking the issue. Fineman explains:

“in Europe they say that it is illegal to state that water hydrates” That’s because the water molecule is too big to fit into your cells”. Now a cold water can cool you down on a hot day, but it CAN’T hydrate your cells”. 

idrink worked with scientists to attack this issue. They found that by taking essential nutrients and minerals and shrinking them to such a degree (1/1000 the size of a red blood cell), they absorbed not only rapidly, but efficiently. The challenge has always been to try and get nutrients to absorb quickly by bypassing the lengthy digestion process. idrink seems to have solved the problem. The result is a great tasting beverage that consumers can apparently feel the effects of. People are writing into the idrink website and on their social media stating that their headaches, hangovers, pain and symptoms of various maladies, were all either eliminated or reduced due to drinking idrink. Consumers are even saying that after drinking idrink for a week, they feel less thirsty and more vibrant. Impressive results for a product that many just saw as just another water. Those statements alone add to the refreshing, and unique qualities of idrink. A mix of those qualities, along with the driven personality of the vibrant Fineman, put idrink in a growing number of stores across Southern Nevada and Southern California. Mariah convinced the likes of Mark Walters at Terrible Herbst and Ken Wrathall and his team at Nevada Beverage to embrace idrink’s benefits for the human body, and the Southern Nevada community. Staying on track, Fineman has also impressed her investors by expanding idrink to John Lenore & Co. in San Diego, and Haralambos Beverage Company in LA, and Orange County. You can now find idrink in 7 counties between Santa Barbara, and San Diego.

The idrink team at GreenOne Holdings seems to embrace Fineman’s energy and sense of giving back. When hurricanes hit Texas and Florida last year, idrink’s team sent care packages of pallets to the families in need, and noted on the packages, that it was from Las Vegas “with love.” And in the wake of October 1 here in the Valley, for three days, the company stopped operations, and company trucks delivered both food and idrink, to the workers and rescue units. In a growingly disconnected world, this group definitely stands out.

While shopping around town, you’ll probably notice how idrink stands out on the shelves as well. When asked about its bold green packaging Fineman says, “We created a bold, lime green bottle, because everything on the shelves was blue, and we needed something that stood out, something that was so disruptive that it represented the dramatic effects of the beverage.

Fineman and the team at idrink Beverage seem to be in tune with the current consumer. They’re also passionate about a mission of pouring out positivity, one drink at a time.

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