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Mariah Walton | Natural Fashionista

For decades the American fashion industry has looked to its European counterparts to set the pace for their trends and high-end designer apparel as many and almost all of the top designers today are of European descent and/or are based in Europe.

Founded by Mariah Walton, labeled a natural fashionista, the name of the boutique was conceived during her tenure living in the western part of the city of London. However, that was not the mission our founder set out on when she stepped onto Syracuse University’s campus. There as a physical therapy major, Mariah excelled at science, but her heart was in fashion, apparel, and textiles. Realizing that she must follow her vision of owning a boutique, she switched her major to International Business Management and off to the UK she went. After being educated in London and Paris by top directors and professors in the world of style and design, Mariah then knew that she was on her own path.

Mariah then spent several years being mentored and employed by various design houses including Burberry, Chanel, Gucci, and Roberto Cavalli. Additionally, she has served in supervisory and management roles, further grooming her as an effective leader.

She founded West London as a retail and e-commerce boutique that taps into the desire for that unique, savvy, and limited edition item that encompasses the essence of a boutique. The key message associated with West London is exclusive, unbranded, low maintenance high fashion. “We desire to discover the most unique, off-beat artists of clothing around the world, and housing their work, where we bridge European couture to American culture.”

Mariah is a native of Philadelphia, now residing in Las Vegas with her 3 year old daughter, Londyn.
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