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Lost In America

Lost In America

Jewel and fellow celebs lend stardom to
illuminate the hurt of homelessness.

In June, the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Jewel spoke at the Las Vegas-based Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth ( to share her personal story of homelessness and survival, as well as answer questions from many of the young men and women who are currently struggling.

Jewel is also lending her voice to director Rotimi Rainwater’s documentary Lost in America to be released later this year. The film follows Rainwater—also a former homeless youth—as he and his team travel the country examining the realities of being a homeless youth in America today, and what is being done, or not being done, to help them. Leading up to the film’s release, the “WAKE UP! Campaign” is organizing a series of events to shed light on these issues, which have included a candlelight vigil; creating care packages for hundreds of homeless in Los Angeles; and partnership events with organizations around the country that work to help these youth. Also involved with the film is singer/philanthropist Jon Bon Jovi and business mogul/philanthropist Russell Simmons.

Deluxe Version Magazine’s sister platform, Luxe News Live, covered the event and spoke with Jewel and Rainwater in an exclusive interview, which aired earlier in the summer.

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“When people learn to convert pain into beauty—how to convert their lost innocence into wisdom—they become incredible contributors in society. And that’s what I’ve attempted to do with my life. ” ~Jewel

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