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Lining Up The Perfect Smile With Invisalign

Lining Up The Perfect Smile With Invisalign

– By Samantha Thomas  

A shifting alternative for those not-so-straight smiles is a top treatment by Jonathan S. Dean, DDS, and the teams at Summerlin Smiles and Distinctive Smiles in Summerlin and Las Vegas, Nevada. 

For over 14 years, Dean’s ability to transform lives by perfecting smiles is a part of what makes him stand out in his field; but it’s his commitment to and expertise in offering quality cosmetic dentistry services—specifically Invisalign— thatmakes him one of the top acknowledged professionals in the Las Vegas Valley.  


Invisalign aligners are a clear alternative to metal braces. These orthodontics move your teeth into the best position possible for function and beauty. According to Dean, prescribing Invisalign aligners is one of his most practiced procedures for anyone seeking a healthy, beautiful smile. “I’ve treated patients from the age of 12-78, including my Mom who is 74 years young,” he says.  


To make sure Invisalign is right for you, here’s how Dean and his team confidently walk patients through the process. Everyone starts with an initial consultation, where a patient’s teeth are scanned with a state of the art iTero Element scanner, which takes a 3D digital picture of the patient’s teeth to show how their smile would be transformed with Invisalign. If a client is approved as a candidate, custom Invisalign trays are then created.  

While metal braces have stood at the forefront of teeth straightening, Invisalign—which was introduced in 1997—is still an unknown option for many. However, as Dean says, it’s the more aesthetically pleasing option. “With Invisalign, there are no metal brackets or wires, and you’re able to remove the trays for cleanings,” says Dean. “And, you’re able to eat and drink what you want without a lot of restrictions.”


Numbers talk, and according to Dean, “we’ve successfully treated over 1,500 Invisalign patients. We’ve seen the very simple, to the really complex, and we’re able to handle the whole gambit.” To note, Summerlin Smiles and Distinctive Smiles are among the top 2 percent Invisalign providers in the country. “We utilize digital scanning [which means] no messy impressions,” adds Dean. “This also helps the Invisalign trays to be precise, so the treatment is predictable and more successful.”  

If you’re considering Invisalign, Dean reminds prospective patients of both options. “Traditional orthodontics requires once a month tightening of your wires, and with Invisalign we’re able to give you additional trays to continue your treatments without coming to the office,” notes Dean.  

Invisalign success stories are also a highlight for Dean (who’s a product of Invisalign, himself). “My favorite appointments are ones where we get halfway through and see the patient’s face light up, because they see the change,” Dean says. “We then go back and look and see how they started; and nearing the finish line, it’s like a night and day difference.”

Find out more at www.summerlinsmiles.comand on Instagram and Facebook at @jonathandeandds 

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