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Life At South Beach: (Re)Defining Luxury at Home

Life At South Beach: (Re)Defining Luxury at Home


It can feel like a dirty word, can’t it. Separating the haves and have-nots, the yeses from no’s, the do-ers from the watchers. Luxury can feel like what everyone has but you don’t…the elusive brass ring, or the pot-o’-shiny-gold only leprechauns see. That’s because by definition, luxury isn’t a need, it’s a want. A non-essential. A frill.

But what if it wasn’t?

What if a shift in consciousness made luxury a state of mind where fine things of beauty were the norm? What if there was a place within our collective reach where luxury meant living our happiest, most ease-filled life—every day—while surrounded by the very best in people and attitudes, amenities and services?

And what if luxury meant living an unencumbered life, where your every need was met, so you could spend time doing what’s most important: living your best life, in an atmosphere of beauty, and in a community where the sight of lush, green beauty rewards your soul at every turn?

South Beach is redefining luxury at home by putting easy living at your fingertips in ways never before considered (or achieved) in a visually stunning residential community. By removing everyday stressors and making way for enjoying life’s fine things—whatever that means to you—South Beach’s outside-the-box amenities and its placement amid tropical, green and park-like surrounds, allow the discerning resident to “yes” their way to a more meaningful life. And as the residential gateway to five-star health, relaxation, socialization, and style, South Beach’s mindset of effortless living within a greenscape in the desert gives residents permission to feel like the star of whatever bright world they wish…honoring everything that makes them feel beautiful, pampered, accomplished, and rewarded, for being the luxe-seekers they are.

 Here’s what luxury looks like, South Beach style…


It’s the little things…At South Beach, high-tech lockers for anytime pickup of parcels and dry cleaning are just one unique convenience feature that accommodates the on-demand needs of today’s busy resident.

Kind of like having a personal assistant. South Beach provides 24-7 concierge services to assist with residents’ plans for travel, dining, entertainment, and more. If you can think it, our team can make it happen.

“Staycation” = new meaning. South Beach residents may invite family and friends for up to three days to stay in one of two luxurious on-site guest suites, where they may enjoy all the amenities the community has to offer.

Transcendent technology. From any smartphone or fob, residents can effortlessly control their world around them, from their alarm system, Kwikset door handles, lights, and thermostat, to the shades in their loft.

Dining on autopilot. The South Beach Automated Restaurant is open 24-7 and provides an array of healthy meals, snacks, beverages, sundries, etc., for residents’ anytime arrival back home from work or play. We’re also the first in the United States to provide grocery delivery lockers.

Fitness at one’s fingertips. South Beach’s fully equipped gym includes TRX machines; free weights and benches; a punching bag; and bikes; and, our dedication to residents seeking inner wellness extends to our greenery-filled area in the courtyard specially designed for yoga and Pilates…fully shaded for a true taste of “Yoga in the Park.” Additionally, “Fitness On Demand” and group classes and outings (cycling, anyone?) round out the fitness options available to residents at no charge in our on-site studios.

Healthy you, happy you. South Beach’s resident Telemedicine professional provides 24/7/365 access to a doctor who can write scripts, read reports and offer referrals, among other typical doctor-patient duties.

Serene spa treatments…and more. An array of body treatments can be booked and enjoyed with the typical trappings of a resort-spa in South Beach’s well-appointed on-site massage room. A sauna and steam room round out the relaxation.

(…and, honestly, that’s just the start.)




Luxury. It’s the state of mind where South Beach was born and where it breathes today. At South Beach, living your most luxurious life means we’re here to lift life’s burdens off your shoulders—less adulting, more lifing—and our “Get Away By Going Home®” mantra means residents who treasure luxury will always feel at home with us.

So if luxe and brass rings are two of your things, South Beach can answer the luxury you crave. Coming home is like getting away! Visit to register for more information.

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