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Letter From The Publisher: Tim Hancock | Issue 14

Letter From The Publisher: Tim Hancock | Issue 14

Gratitude Is The Game Changer

I recently heard one of my favorite mentors share this truth: “Gratitude is the game changer.” While absorbing his message and reflecting on my success as a publisher, the playback reel on my life started to run, along with some profound self-evalutating questions: When am I the most fulfilled? When am I the least stressed? When am I the most productive? What state of mind brings me complete peace? The answer to all of these, is when I inwardly and outwardly express gratitude.

It resonated in me that becoming aware of our sense of gratitude affects every area of our lives,from the way we criticize ourselves or others, to our appreciation of individual uniqueness and differences. Imagine the ripple effect of the energy projected from one’s conscious decision to live gratefully. How many lives could we touch by making gratitude the gateway toward each decision we make?. What if we were all grateful for the “yes” victories, and equally grateful for the “no deals?” And what if we were grateful for the “this-is-for-me” moments, and equally grateful for the “not-right-now seasons?”

A simple exercise I’d like to suggest to you is this: Wake up each morning and remind yourself to choose gratitude over comparison, over self-doubt, over what you don’t have…over any circumstance you face. What I’ve experienced over a period of time is that the change you create internally becomes more than a shifted thought process, and instead, becomes a way of life. Gratitude attracts the new opportunities, the new business relationships, better health, greater financial freedom, and most of all…the best version of you.

We truly win in life, when we win within.

Now that I’ve got you pumped up with positivity, please enjoy this stunning new spring issue from our incredible team at Deluxe Version Magazine,We’re so grateful for loyal readers like you, and we encourage you to keep stepping into all that 2019 holds as the very best version— daresay, the deluxe version—of yourself.

– Timothy Hancock


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