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By: Samantha Thomas

Picture this, a well-built, and groomed gentleman walks into a room. He’s a military man, with an overcoat draped perfectly over his uniform. Once he takes off his coat, he puts it on a hanger, and hangs it neatly in his locker. Now, what you’ve just read is really a scene from, the classic movie, “From Here to Eternity,” and the gentleman is legendary actor, Burt Lancaster. But, it’s also a scene that Mr. Jonathan Oe, Entrepreneur, and Creator of Men’s Athletic Luxury Wear, and Compression Tights, “Leomicci,” describes as part of his Why.

“I saw that scene like 2 or 3 years ago, and it was embedded in my mind,” says Jonathan. “I said, that’s what guys want. We want that! And, my customers, I want THAT for them. It’s a classic look.” So, in November of 2016, his new line Leomicci was created.

Breaking down the name Leomicci puts you on the Path of the Lion, and that’s just what’s embedded in its name. A mix of luxury, toughness, and lots of style all work together to create this amazing brand. Starting with just a pair of compression tights for a player on the Los Angeles Lakers, word spread about the comfort, and reliability of his pieces, and Jonathan’s team ended up making compression tights for the whole team. Fast-forward to now, and Leomicci has spun into a creative mix of athletic and transitional style pieces that can evoke feelings of comfort, and a sense of power, all created for the classic man.

“So, the whole key is when you put something on, how does it make you feel?” expresses Jonathan. “There’s an emotional response, and that emotional response, I know in women’s world, it’s very print oriented. But for me, everything has an emotional response in the way that it feels.” And Jonathan knows all about that feeling of quality. From his early beginnings in representing U.S. sports accessory brands in Japan, and eventually working for leading aerobics/leotard company Gilda Marx, Jonathan grew a knowledge for how clothes should feel and fit. 

“For example, says Jonathan, I can make you feel unconfident or confident. I could make you feel elegant, or sloppy… All with what I put into a garment.” And today, the Leomicci brand is grooming its gentleman customers in style one piece at a time.

From Jonathan’s point of view, it’s time for a change in how men dress to relax. “Men are sort of stuck in this spot where you’ve got what’s become the “traditional gym wear,” says Jonathan. “It’s like men’s fashion has become a T-shirt, and shorts for everything, and maybe a pair of jeans.” What I’m doing is that I want to create this line for men that’s a transitional line, where we can provide this very beautiful elegant fashion, but in a way that is psychologically comfortable for them.”

With his Huntington Beach-based showroom in California, and a team of 25 employees, Leomicci has grown into a men’s clothing brand with several lines including: Luxury Compression Wear, RAW Cotton Fleece, Palisade (track suit made for training and running/breathable), 8th Avenue (business casual sport suit with knit-trimmed collar, very traditional sports looking), and the classic ROMA Line being introduced this Fall 2018. 

“We look at our customers, they’re architects, software designers, they’re engineers, they’re professional athletes,” Jonathan remarks. “Once somebody buys a piece from us, they continue to buy from us. You can’t stop. It’s very addictive, but it’s a healthy addiction, laughs Jonathan. “We make them look and feel more Powerful.” And, Leomicci continues to be on the prowl for longevity in the luxury-wear market.

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