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Kimpton La Peer: Defining Unbuttoned Luxury

Kimpton La Peer: Defining Unbuttoned Luxury

West Hollywood has a unique distinction among Los Angeles neighborhoods: walkability. And right now, all sidewalks lead to the Kimpton La Peer, a European-style, boutique hotel nestled neatly in the heart of this design district.  

“We wanted Kimpton La Peer to be the living room of the design district,” says Director of Sales Chris Rodgers. “We want five-star level, but [while] keeping the integrity of Kimpton. Our philosophy is unbuttoned luxury…that is more approachable and comfortable.” 

Named 2018’s “Top Hotel in West Hollywood” by Trip Advisor, that philosophical approach appears to be working. La Peer opened in January 2018 and offers 105 California-style rooms; 8000 square feet of lounge space; a rooftop terrace for private events (think Oscar and Emmy parties, which is a one-of-a-kind feature for this area); and  Chef Casey Lane’s latest dining venture, Viale die Romani.  

Renowned architect, designer and WeHo resident Gulla Jonsdottir says the neighborhood itself inspired her vision for La Peer’s dramatic design and 

decor. “It’s all about fashion, high-end art and furniture,” says Jonsdottir.   

The Iceland transplant, who has designed over 20 hotels and started her own all-female company a decade ago, points out La Peer is modern but has soul.  “It has a poetic, voluptuous design: l like curves. Every contractor tries to give me a ruler but I throw it out,” she jokes.

Not to be missed is “The House” (aka, the penthouse), the site of our cover shoot.   Jonsdottir says she convinced owners to “let me do my own limited-edition furniture collection” that she sells through galleries, including one of her own in the hotel.  (Our interview actually took place on two Jonsdottir-designed chairs, once featured in a Taylor Swift video).   

In a few short months, Kimpton La Peer became a central hub of the neighborhood…calling itself a “curated place for those who live and work here and for those who come from Europe to visit.” And that’s all by design. So if your next trip (to LA) calls for high-end amenities in a casual small space, my advice is run, don’t walk to Kimpton La Peer. 

—Stacey Gualandi

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