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Joseph DeLorenzo | Personal Trainer

joeJoseph DeLorenzo is a personal trainer, motivator, organic food advocate and founder of Organically Fit Now. A Health and fitness coach with a passion to teach the fundamentals on getting results. He says “80% of your efforts should go towards nutrition and the other 20% towards fitness”. He teaches that the body is a machine and if you take care of it, it will do the same for you.

Understanding this will give you some insight on how amazing it really is, so you can enjoy a much fuller, healthier and fit life.
We all have some common knowledge on what to do to get somewhat healthy and in shape. Where most of us fail, is learning how to put what we do know into perspective. Joseph’s approach as a coach is to help his clients learn and apply some basic principles so they can get results.

His focus is to impact his clients on a psychological, biological, social and spiritual level. Why? “Learning how to balance all these will turn you into an amazing machine” he says. Those who take the journey with Joseph become masters of their health and fitness and they become their own definition of greatness!

Phone: 1.702.283.6423

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