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Jasmine Dustin: Insta Success

Jasmine Dustin: Insta Success

– By JJ Snyder

She is a free spirit, go-with-the-flow California girl obsessed with travel. Equal parts model, actress and Instagram star, Jasmine Dustin spends her mornings in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles responding to her followers on social media while snuggling four rescue pups.

Her adventures began with beauty pageants as a kid, then she soon fell into modeling at age 13.  Back then, agents would scan her portfolio and inquire about the campaigns she had running. Now they simply ask, “How many followers do you have?”  Times have changed and that’s okay with this blonde, green-eyed beauty.

Dustin is a pro at rolling with it. From a young age, modeling taught her how adapt to her surroundings. Now, she’s skilled in the art of shifting her personality to fit the publication, whether it be GQ magazine,Esquire with us here at Deluxe Version

“Your job as a model is to become exactly what the client envisions in their head,” she says. “You have to be a chameleon in a sense.”

It was a good skill to have back in 2014 when Dustin auditioned for the role of “Ana Hoem,” an exotic model on BET’s drama series Being Mary Jane.  She arrived to the audition totally unprepared and admits there was no prep the night before. Glancing around the waiting room, she started to regret that decision as she spotted several famous models…AKA, her competition. To add to the pressure, this was not just some small part: It was a reoccurring role with the show’s star, Gabrielle Union! But Dustin drew on her modeling skills by walking into the room with unbreakable confidence, letting loose her playful personality and letting go.

It’s classic folk lore in Hollywood: the less you care about getting a part, the more likely you will get it. Dustin will testify, it’s true. A few hours after the audition, while sitting in a nail salon getting a manicure, her phone rang. It was her agent: “You got the part. I’m sending over the contract.” As if on cue, she dove head-first into playing Ana and spent weeks at a-time shooting in Atlanta, Georgia. She was originally booked for a short-term, co-starring role, but  it turned into 4 seasons. 

In 2016, as her role on the TV series was winding down, sadly, so was her marriage.  An 8-year relationship with her husband ended in divorce, but the two split on good terms.  As she emerged from the shock, Dustin realized she enjoyed spending time alone, and soon rediscovered her own passions.  Topping the list?   Travel.

A few weeks in Bali seemed logical for a woman getting over a break-up, and what Dustin found was pure beauty.  She frolicked barefoot, walked with the elephants and quickly decided to stay a couple months. From there, she visited Morocco and camped under the stars with camels, all while making incredible friends. This model-turned-actress has accomplished a lot in her career, but she says there is no better adrenaline rush then meeting new people around the world.

Oh, and of course…food! Dustin is a self-proclaimed foodie, sochecking out the local cuisine wherever she goes is a must. Her most memorable meal this year?  “I had the most incredible lobster pasta in Amoudi Bay in Santorini Italy.”    

Sounds good to us!

Follow Jasmine’s adventures on Instagram @jasminedustin

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