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IvyBears: The Most Desired Vitamin Gummy In The USA

IvyBears: The Most Desired Vitamin Gummy In The USA

– By Dayna Roselli

What if you could eat a bunch of gummy bears every day and improve your hair and skin health, your immune system, and sleep. Sounds good, right? That’s the reason why IvyBears has taken off in Europe. It’s the number one vitamin gummy brand there, and now it’s available in the United States.

The vitamins use pectin instead of animal Gelatin. April Baca, Director of Sales in North America says, “We pride ourselves on providing customers with natural, non GMO, and some vegan options when it comes to a gummy vitamin.”

There are five types of IvyBears available in the U.S. so far. Hair Vitamins for women and men, a Vibrant Skin line, a Women’s Multi vitamin, and Restful Sleep vitamins, which promote natural sleep.

Baca says, “Ive seen first hand the results. With as little as 3 months, you can see a difference in your hair and skin. The effectiveness is what I am most proud of.”

How the gummies were developed is an interesting story too. They are made in Germany. A group of friends found it strange that there wasn’t a convenient supplement for hair issues. They felt that most of the existing hair supplements tasted like medicine and they weren’t easy to take. The group inspired by the shape and taste of the original candy bear, which was also founded in Germany.

They experimented for years to compress the effectiveness of Biotin and Vitamin based hair supplements into a tasty and convenient gummy bear. It took three years of development for the first fully functional bear to be produced. This paved the way for the IvyBears product range.

So, let’s get back to the ingredients, because a lot of people question what the vitamins consist of, it’s important to know what you are putting in your body. Baca says the bears taste like berries, but they don’t use any additives, artificial flavors or artificial colorings. She says, in order to achieve the color, they only use natural coloring foods such as purple radish for the hair vitamins. The gummy bears are also free of any Titanium Dioxides, which is an industry benchmarking fact.

Keep in mind, the gummies do contain sugar, but you are only taking two per dose, per day. One order would last you a month. There are 60 bears in one package. Currently, the vitamins are only available on Amazon in the United States, but the company is in talks with several retailers and spas, that will be carrying the product soon. If you are in Europe you can find them at any retailer and chain stores.

If you search for reviews on the product, most beauty bloggers say they see improved hair results. The website does point out that each person is different, and the best way to know is to try it. When it comes to the hair vitamins, some people see it right away, but you should really give it about 3 months to see full results.

Baca says,”the most frequent question we get is how are these gummies different than what you see on the shelves currently? Our gummies are crafted with the consumer in mind. We want you to see results and feel beautiful from the inside out.”

You can find the full line of products and some frequently asked questions on their website,

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