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Welcome To DLXVRSN Magazine

Welcome To DLXVRSN Magazine

An Introduction from the Creative Director.


Welcome to DLXVRSN (Deluxe Version).
As a premier fashion photographer and creative asset for several high-end clients over the past 8 years, I have been given incredible insight for this magazine. This brand we have built at DLXVRSN is a dream come true! It is an honor to work with brilliant minds every day and contribute to a magazine that promotes the leaders in finer living, art, fashion, and luxury.

We have put together this collaboration of visual artistry and luxury talent for each issue. Our goal is to give readers more to experience by sharing the stories and conversations with the luxury leaders who make finer living possible. You’ll even get to know some of the models and trendsetters we shot within this issue. It was a pleasure shooting with America’s Got Talent finalist, Seth Grabel, who shares with us his vision for the future.

– Tim Hancock // Creative Director

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