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Letter From The Publisher: Tim Hancock | Issue 12

Letter From The Publisher: Tim Hancock | Issue 12

Coming Together In Real-Time

Being born into a transient community—where people come and go for seasons at a time—I’ve learned to live with an openness that equally allows me to let go and welcome the new. My hometown of Las Vegas is certainly home to short but incredible face-to-face friendships; but now, more than ever I am aware that it’s not just because Las Vegas is “Transient Central”: it’s the new phenomenon of our social media friends actually starting to feel like our everyday, in-real-life colleagues. New collaborations, joint ventures, emerging brands, and a revolving door of hi-nice-to-meet-you-yay-we’re-an-influencer-match opportunities mean that it’s okay for transient communities like Vegas to exist (there are lots of cities across the globe that are just like us)…as long as we’re in these communities, together.

You’d be surprised how many of our business and pleasure relationships circle back in exactly the season that they are supposed to. My recent trip to Europe during the World Cup finals led me to realize my role in being what others have called a “natural good-vibes attractor” when I met up with several friends I had known online for months or years prior. Thanks to the ‘gram, when we parted, saying goodbye wasn’t as difficult as it can be when you’re used to having a more traditional, in-person relationship since we all met online to begin with. As my relationship with these e-friends evolve, we move on easily and stay in touch almost daily…until our paths all circle back. Of course, our online manners have changed in this era of post-catfish and bot awareness; but it makes the reality of online collaborations easier since the Internet is good at bringing together like minded people.

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I’m certainly blessed, to say the least: This year, I confess to having almost more actual best friends than I can handle (almost!)…a genuine dream team of people around me. I’m almost at the point where if I don’t stop matching with so many of you out there in collab-ville, I’m going to need a better so-called “unlimited data plan” as I arrange everyone’s visits.

All kidding aside…enjoy this issue of mostly Instagram collaborations (wink); well-written profiles; music icons; Las Vegas’ native Arianny Celeste on our cover; fitness guru Chase McNary on the inaugural Scottsdale cover; and all the luxurious things you just need to know about!

Tim Hancock

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