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Investing In Your Beauty

Do You Value The Dollar Or Healthy Skin?

More and more people are becoming health conscious and watching what they put in their bodies because very quickly they see results. They avoid fast food chains and go for organic foods and supplements which can be costly but somehow find a way to budget it into their spending as everyone knows being healthy leads to living a vibrant lifestyle. Why not see it the same way with what you put on the outside of your body? Let’s say your face for instance.

Face masks or face sheets, seem to be the latest trend, they’re quick and convenient and at your disposable and not this goop in a jar kind of product that’s been tampered with. Celebrities love it because they’re easy to travel with and it’s basically a sheet dipped in a potent serum that doesn’t need to be washed off like all homemade masks. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, it requires just as much nourishment as your internal organs.

So there seems to be many that cost $1-3 per sheet but I’ve personally tried most of them and found they have this sliminess that doesn’t quickly absorb or heal my skin entirely whether it’s dry, stressed or acne prone. I asked myself, if I were to pay a little extra for a quality product that would take care of all my skincare needs it would’ve been worth it. Is there such a mask? Yes, and it’s called Eleece! Eleece is the latest and most innovative skincare product I’ve been using religiously, (well, like once or twice a week to be exact), it’s a facemask that rejuvenates your skin giving it a plumped, youthful glow by its effective combination of two main ingredients of Damask Callous Rose Extract and Coenzyme Q10 which have been shown to promote healing and fight free radicals. It also repairs sun damage, balance moisture levels and aids in clearing acne symptoms. The sheet mask also fights signs of aging by hydrating and delivering collagen to dry and stressed areas.


Remember you get what you pay for. And it’s not a $1 mask because our aestheticians know its value and it has been proven effective for all skin types. Here are some fun facts contained in Eleece so you’re more knowledgeable of it before you purchase:
1. Damask Rose Extract: Is an essential oil used to promote circulation and healing of wounds and infections. (J-Lo uses Rose Oil everyday! That’s how she stays so youthful!)
2. Coenzyme Q10: Are three combined ingredients that work together to moisturize, heal wounds, fight infection and free radicals, and bring down inflammation. (Free radicals are uncharged molecules damaging DNA in the body).
3. Allantoin: Pushes moisture into lower levels of the skin spreading hydration, thus increasing water content which kills dead skin cells promoting a healthier complexion and acts as a skin protectant.
4. Cooling effect: Feels amazing on sun burnt skin or after a day in the sun.
5. Collagen: Fills in fine lines and repairs damage for younger looking skin.
6. Witch Hazel: Balances the PH Levels of your skin when stressed or changes in environment.

Be wary of what you purchase, some masks contain chemical bleaching agents which aren’t natural for your skin, in fact I used to use a treatment called hydroquinone prescribed by my past dermatologist, but later researched some scary but need-to-know facts of the cream. It’s an ingredient that whitens but kills your skin’s pigment cells, coincidentally degenerating collagen and elastin fibres, Hydroquinone, among other bleaching agents are linked to cancers such as Leukemia. It’s banned from Europe! The US FDA seems to be OK with it, possibly for profit not so much safety, which seems to be a lot of what corporate America is about. No worries, however, Eleece does not contain bleaching agents or any harmful ingredients. I hope my list of facts and article helps! Make sure to visit my site for more info and use my code YOUTH when purchasing for a sweet deal!


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