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Design Dreams Into Reality

Design Dreams Into Reality

– By Elena Castriota

Sophisticated interior design is an essential part of what makes the homes, hotels, and businesses of Las Vegas and Southern California look opulent and desirable. Donna Johnson, the president, owner and interior designer behind Luxury-Designer, is a big player in the contemporary design scene and has been for the past 37 years. 

While there are countless interior designers in the luxury game, Johnson and her team stand out from the crowd by being involved in all stages of design. Not only that, theyre capable of transforming a space with contemporary, traditional, transitional, or modern styles in mind. 

“I think what sets us apart is that we start from the very beginning of building all the way through the final accessory,” says Johnson. “We do our own interior architectural drawings and buy direct from the furniture companies.”

Johnsons been designing furniture for years and has an e-commerce branch of her business called Luxe Design. Demand for her bespoke work is so high that shes in the process of launching a line of custom cabinets. 

The daughter of a developer, Johnson’s been around construction, architecture and design her whole life. She discovered her passion at the age of 12 when she started working for her dad and has followed her dreams ever since. Her success hasnt limited her from giving back and mentoring others in the businessJohnson is currently partnering with Build(it) Create(it) Design(it), a business that provides design professionals with resources from office space to mentorship from established firms like hers.  

“I’ve mentored a couple of designers, including a single mom where she was looking for a firm to work with and we were able to help her get the job,” explains Johnson. “My passion is helping other designers succeed in the industry.”  

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