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Hiking Guide: Lake Las Vegas

Hiking Guide: Lake Las Vegas

Finding the Right Path at Lake Las Vegas

At one point in Will Dotson’s life, he watched the scale turn to nearly 300 pounds. With a newfound dedication to losing weight and getting active outside, Dotson’s journey to health started with putting one foot in front of the other—hiking on the trails. 

Dotson’s love for hiking quickly turned from a hobby to a way of life, and he became an ultra-hiker. He mapped out the best hiking areas across the country, including those right here in Lake Las Vegas, where the California native spends the majority of his weekends with family. 

He said not many residents know about the scenic trails in the community that offer some of the most incredible views of the valley and the Strip.

“Communities pay millions for trails like this,” he says. “The views are incredible and they’re right here—right in our backyards.” 

The longest trail runs through the old Falls Golf Course and wrap behind Regatta Pointe. It’s a paved walkway that can be accessed at the entrance of Regatta Pointe and stretches roughly seven miles. The trail extends west into the hillside and features panoramic views of not only the Strip, but also of the entire Lake Las Vegas community and part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The east side of the trail follows along a series of hillside waterfalls and crosses a bridge that extends over the community’s south entrance. 

Dotson also notes a shorter trail in North Shore that is great for similar sight-seeing, and is a favorable alternative than just taking a walk along the sidewalk. 

“I think residents would love walking these trails if they knew they were here,” he says. “How cool is it that we have these right here in our community?”


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