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Global Beauty Masters // World Cup Of Beauty

The stakes are getting higher and the challenges are even tougher, who will make the cut? Here is a preview of this week’s episode of Global Beauty Masters! Tune in Thursday Thursday 6/5c on Discovery Life Channel & Monday 11am/10c on TLC!

The high energy series is started it’s second season March 17th, 2016 on TLC. The shows cast includes John Paul DeJoriam (John Paul Mitchell Systems), Nicole Murphy, Eden Sassoon (daughter of beauty icon Vidal Sassoon), Krista White (America’s Next Top Model winner), Sam Villa, Charlie Price, J.R. Stewart, and Angie Everhart amongst the show’s mentors and judges.

This show was created under the direction of numerous Emmy nominee Jim Milio and his award-winning team including executive producer Jeanette B. Milio and producers Glenn Kirschbaum, Jesse Combs and Schlonda McCarthan. Tune in to TLC on March 17th for all the excitement!

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