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Girl Gang Production: Changing Production in LA, One Event at a Time

Girl Gang Production: Changing Production in LA, One Event at a Time

By Chelsea Abate

When you think of a superhero, a cape and an array of supernatural powers is what comes to mind. However, for Ashley Chanel, her superpowers come out through her creative approach to life.

From work, to lifestyle, to raising four beautiful little mini versions of herself, her energy is radi-ant. With 10 years of experience under her belt in the production world, Chanel noticed the need for higher-end service in event planning. She decided to create the ultimate production company and called it Girl Gang Production. Armed with a bevy of beauties ready to pull the trigger on the industry and change the game, Chanel launched her business. And in its first 9 months, its name has spread flowed from the mouths of the mighty in the PR world. Premiering in wedding events and catering to the brides of California, Girl Gang Production leads in excep-tional performance. The happiness is evident in the smiles on their clients’ faces, which can be seen on their Instagram page, Girl Gang Production.

Chanel has since added a variety of events to her list of accomplishments, expanding her busi-ness and crossing over from wedding vendors to corporate event vendors. With her rock star team of event staff for hire, Girl Gang Production offers it all to their clients. From music shoots, photo shoots, high end corporate events, and media events, Chanel has trained her staff toprovide service every step of the way to ensure the best experience for her clients.

One area the team holds dear to its heart is planning charity events. A recent event that broke new ground for Girl Gang was a Unite to Light Foundation event, a nonprofit foundation that helps provide low-cost lighting to those who go without electricity. Chanel describes it as one ofthe smallest events the company has put on, but one with the most heart. Girl Gang Production teamed with another female-charged event design company, Wild Heart Event, to help raise funds for a good cause.

Chanel notes about the event that tons of different creative elements go into the process ofcreating something so spectacular. She was very proud to have the acoustic sounds of illuminat-ing band, Scars on 45 playing at the event.

After watching the successful outcome of the Unite to Light event, Chanel would like to work more on smaller events with Girl Gang Production. She has set her sights on smaller intimate celebrations such as luxury dinner parties, charity parties and engagement dinners.

Chanel’s work doesn’t stop at Girl Gang Production: she’s the director of PR at Jose Eber Salon in Santa Barbara, Calif. And when this passionate entrepreneur isn’t crossing her T’s and dotting. […] Continue reading on Page 88-89

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