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Garrett Majam | Entertainment Specialist

garrett-majam-dlxvrsnGarrett Majam is the Director of Las Vegas for the Till Dawn Group; a Southern California based company specializing in promotions and marketing, VIP services, venue management, talent bookings and much more.  The Till Dawn Group currently has residencies and weeklies at Hyde Bellagio and all the TAO Group venues, with past residencies with the N9NEGroup, Angel Management, Las Vegas Nightlife Group and the Light Group.

Garrett has been the main point of contact for most groups traveling from Southern California to Las Vegas during the peak seasons, not to mention private “All Girl” trips monthly during the off season to XIV! Last year was a big year for Garrett and the Till Dawn Group, with their biggest account at TAO Beach every Saturday for the “California Love Pool Party”. When it comes to Las Vegas, Garrett maybe the “new kid” on the block…but in reality he has been producing events and holding residencies behind the scenes since 2010!

Garrett is making the move from beautiful Orange County, California to Las Vegas in the next few months to expand his business, opportunities and professional network. He currently has an active staff base of promoters and hosts that reside in the Southern California area, and feels the need to have the same structure based out of Las Vegas to grow and separate his company from the rest of the independent hosts. He envisions a dominate team that will aid in hotel bookings, nightclub access, and VIP services to the broad range of clients and guests nationwide and soon worldwide!

Social Media: @GarrettMajam

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