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Egg Freezing At Red Rock Fertility

Egg Freezing At Red Rock Fertility

When It Comes To Egg Freezing, Red Rock Fertility Ensures There Are No Cold Feet

– By Elena Castriota

Oocyte cryopreservation—better known as egg freezing—has advanced scientifically over the last several decades to the point where thousands of women each year undergo the procedure. Eva Littman, MD, FACOG, is one of the most successful fertility doctors in the country and her facility, Red Rock Fertility Center, offers women looking to preserve their eggs not only superior medical care, but a comfortable environment, as well.

“I designed the office and the care as if I were an infertility patient,” explains Littman.“I wanted to make it comfortable and relaxing…to take the stress out of treatment [through] attention to detail, and having passion about what we do.”

Littman is the founder and practice director of Red Rock Fertility Center. Her lifelong interest in entrepreneurship and desire to raise standards of medical care in Las Vegas is central to why women trust her and her staff with their fertility needs. When it comes to any fertility treatment or procedure, such as egg freezing, patients come in with a variety of questions and Littman is passionate about answering them.

“Egg freezing entails taking injectable hormones for about 10 days and coming in to the office about four times to check egg progression,” Littman says. “The egg retrieval is a 30-minute procedure under mild anesthesia.”

By expediting the diagnostic testing and teaching patients how to undergo injections, Littman and her team make egg freezing as comfortable as possible throughout the approximate 2-week process. This is in line with her core mission: to provide top medical care and high success rates while still offering intimate personalized care.

To learn more about Dr. Littman and her team of doctors and nurses, visit

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