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Eden Sassoon // Interview

Eden Sassoon // Interview

Eden, Living Life Her Own Way. – By Patranya Bhoolsuwan

Born into a beauty icon dynasty, Eden Sassoon says her path to success has not always been easy. The 42-year-old single of mother of two who currently owns two lucrative businesses in Los Angeles talked with DLXVRSN magazine abouther secrets to living a good life…a life, she says, that goes far beyond what the public sees from the outside looking in. “Create a life you can’t even imagine…don’t be afraid of the unknown.”Words from Eden Sassoon, the stunning Beverly Hills-based entrepreneur who says she’ s fearless when it comes to how she lives her life (now), and credits a big part of that strength and focus (and, that quote) to her late father, businessman and philanthropist, Vidal Sassoon. “ He was always pushing me to do my best; be the best version of myself,” says Sassoon. Most of us are familiar with the name Vidal Sassoon, which over the years has become synonymous with hair care and beauty. Sassoon’ s father built an American dynasty that led to shaping the plush hairstyles of many a head, as

well as his daughter’ s professional passions, causing her to ask herself, “ What do you honestly want to do with your life?” “ That question really has me asking myself where does my passion lie?” she says. “ I knew I loved beauty, but good health and love for exercise—especially Pilates—were also a big part of my life. I knew then what I wanted to do.” So in 2007, Sassoon opened Pilates Plus by Eden Sassoon in Los Angeles. And in 2012, she launched the salon EDEN by Eden Sassoon, and has a second location on tap to open in 2016. [Continue reading on page. 68 of DLXVRSN Magazine]

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