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Deluxe Version Welcomes Scottsdale Director: Jennifer Deputy

Deluxe Version Welcomes Scottsdale Director: Jennifer Deputy

Jennifer Deputy has enjoyed roles as a photographer, freelance writer, entrepreneur and a public relations professional. One of her proudest moments is the work she has done for the local Humane Society, Mentoring Programs with children, and the local Scottsdale food bank.

She currently enjoys spinning classes, hiking, travel, tennis, golf and volunteering in her community. Deputy is an avid reader of mostly non-fiction, crime novels and auto biographies. She reads as much as she travels, and has the most memorable times visiting places like Dublin, Ireland.

Deputy enjoys living in Scottsdale because of all of the outdoor lifestyle opportunities surrounding the growing city. Undeniably, the shopping malls and restaurants offer everything she needs within a few minutes. She thinks most locals can agree that Scottsdale’s growing community has allowed us all to meet some wonderful people and make new friends across the country.

As regional director of the Scottsdale area, Deputy believes that Deluxe Version Magazine is a perfect fit as it highlights luxury living and resort destinations. Scottsdale has some of the worlds most famous resorts, spas, golf courses and five star experiences. She is determined to guide the publication in the Scottsdale community to showcase the best of the cities offerings, people, and incredible opportunities.

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