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Wait… My Body Can Heal Itself?

Wait… My Body Can Heal Itself?

According to Dr. Campbell, owner of the Center for Wellness & Pain Care, it can!

At Dr. Campbell’s new location in Henderson, NV, he and the staff are sharply focused on regenerative medicine. If you’re like me you had to google this term. Regenerative medicine is actually quite fascinating. It’s a branch of medical research which “regenerates” human cells and tissues to promote normal and better functioning.

For instance, if one experienced pain or injuries in his neck, back, joints, or any discs, the Henderson location then uses a form of regenerative medicine- which you may have heard of, called stem cell therapy, which uses your own stem cells to establish normal functioning in healing your body.

Stem Cell Therapy is an option but another holistic alternative would be PRP Therapy. This was an Alice in Wonderland moment for me when I learned about this next-generation and revolutionary treatment.

Typically, doctors use a steroid to decrease inflammation in damaged joint tissue which Dr. Campbell describes as using a band-aid. He says, “We want to get to the root of the problem rather than cover it up”. On the other hand, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) is wonderfully more effective because it attempts to fix the underlining problem. A part of our body’s response to injury is to produce platelet cells and these cells are loaded with healing abilities and act as a magnet for your body’s stem cells which are integrate in tissue regeneration and repair.

The process goes as simply as this:

• The Center creates a mixture of blood platelet plasma from your own body.
• The mixture is then administered through injections to the targeted area of pain.
• Your body begins an accelerated healing process with no risk of rejection as your own blood is drawn.
• After a few hours, you’re back to your normal activities while gradually increasing in well-being.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “I need this for my fill in the blank!”. Me too.
But before dashing over to see Dr. Campbell and Staff at the Center for Wellness and Pain Care- Henderson, know that you are in for a natural healing process, and with that comes patience.

The Dr. and staff take time, effort, and are patient with their clients. The ambience alone places one into a calm mental state such as that of a spa. Here is far from a de-humanized, robotic, doctor’s office experience as the goal is for the client to become whole from the inside out, which is a process.

Not long, but a process nonetheless. Sometimes it’s required that we simply slow down, breathe, and generally allow and receive our healing.

As the Center for Wellness and Pain Care’s slogan goes, “where healing begins…”.
My goal is to remind us to take ample time for ourselves. We’re worth it.

See you there!
– Mariah Walton

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