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Dr. Neville Campbell Takes Your Wellness Personally

Dr. Neville Campbell Takes Your Wellness Personally

Dr. Neville Campbell is not your average doctor… for him, it’s personal.

– By Mariah Walton

Hailing from the island of Jamaica, Dr. Campbell was originally an Information Technology guy, living the dream in New York City. He was quite successful in his career, affording him the ability to financially support family ‘back home’ while also maintaining a very cushy lifestyle in NYC which is no small feat.

But there was this “voice” as he calls it, whispering “medicine”. I later discovered that this whispering came from the close-knit connection with his mother and some of the challenges she experienced. We shall travel that road later.

After 7 years in IT, Campbell decided to finally listen to the hankering of the medicine calling, and set out to complete his undergraduate degree to open the door to attend medical school. Dr. Campbell says “I’ve always been out to reinvent myself”. And a reinvention this most certainly was.

Well Dr. Campbell’s transition transpired in the most fascinating way; taking a mind-blowing 24 credits in 1 semester (which by the way he had to convince the Dean to agree to), but Campbell was determined to finish rapidly and effectively. Here is the lesson: unless we can take on the task being fully present, focused, and diligent, it’s best to refocus our energy until we are in a position to complete our tasks with total sufficiency. Speed and success are an equation only when one is thorough in his approach!

When allowed the chance, Campbell not only achieved his goal but excelled.

Noticing that Campbell could handle the intensity of the workload carrying an A average, the undergraduate Board allowed him to continue carrying this magnitude of credits, leading to Campbell’s completion of his Bachelor of Science degree in just 2 years, then off to the prestigious Mount Sinai School of Medicine, preceding SUNY Brooklyn for residency where Campbell concentrated on anesthesia.

Now here is where the story takes a turn. There was an influential friend in Campbell’s life who convinced him to experiment with radiology as that was where the money was.

Mariah Walton: “So how did that go?”

Neville Campbell: “I had 15 interviews in the field of radiology with no offers”.

MW: “Why did you think you weren’t breaking through?”

NC: “No one could understand why I would want to work in radiology with anesthesia experience, but unbeknownst to me there was a divine plan”.

We can deduce that money is rarely the answer in life’s crossroads.

Dr. Campbell is unique in his platform as he is unapologetically in-tune with the importance and even privilege of recognizing the spiritual influences in life. It is astonishing how each juncture in his journey catapulted him to the next, carrying and guiding him into what he would eventually establish as The Center for Wellness and Pain Care in Las Vegas.

Dr. Campbell is destined for what he does.

Interestingly enough, at this new transition time, Campbell’s mother set out to visit him but with pain in her body. She couldn’t show him the pain but she could feel it. This visit prompted Campbell to rethink anesthesia once again, but now specifically the branch of pain management, and this is where it became personal.

Campbell has never forgotten the pain in his mother’s eyes when she would describe how she was feeling, and he never wished that on anyone. How fortunate are his patients to have such a personally vested physician at their side?

Once he set out to enter this field, he landed a position in his residency as Clinical Instructor, citing this as the “best academic experience ever”, which led Campbell into making history in the program with attracting an unprecedented amount of African-American acceptances, which completely changed the face, leadership and organization of the program going forward.

NC: “Sometimes you’re placed at various places in life because you have a purpose”.

Such was also the case for Las Vegas. Through a few relentless colleagues suggesting Campbell relocate to Las Vegas from New York, he decided to leave one city that never sleeps for another, and has begun quite the takeover. Campbell has had tremendous growth in his business in just 1 and ½ years from word of mouth referrals and social network reviews.

As we’re speaking he goes to hand me a brochure of his center. As I look through it, amongst the wellness solutions listed of acupuncture, biofeedback, and traction, I notice the word ‘prayer’.

I look up and catch his eye.. almost as if he was awaiting my surprised position. He says to me that I would not believe the amount of resistance he’s received from adding this one particular word to his brochure. But after all that Dr. Campbell has overcome, fearlessly led for, and persevered through, he says to me that his response has always been, “this stays”.


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