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Dr. Littman: Bringing New Life To Las Vegas Daily

Dr. Littman: Bringing New Life To Las Vegas Daily

– By Dani Reeves

For some, having a baby is the most defining moment of one’s life. They grow up dreaming of what their family will be like, how many kids they want, and what they would name their first born.  However, when it’s time for that dream to come true, it’s not always as easy as we may imagine. Statistically, there is only about a 20% chance of getting pregnant in any given month and becoming pregnant is not even be an option for some.

Can you imagine wanting something so badly and feeling like you may never get it?  At Red Rock Fertility Clinic, there are no limits when it comes to adding a baby to your family.  Dr. Eva Littman and her state of the art facility make something that may not seem real, a reality!

Red Rock Fertility Clinic is one of the leading IVF clinics in the state but that it not all they specialize in. Dr. Littman and her staff are equipped for any situation your future family may be facing. If it’s finding an egg donor, Dr. Littman uses a highly developed database to find egg donors; she is determined to find your perfect match knowing this is a very personal and meaningful decision. Red Rock Fertility Clinic also specializes in egg, sperm, and embryo freezing.  Since fertility tends to slow down with age, undergoing egg or embryo freezing helps fight the biological clock of the body.

Dr. Littman is also making it possible for the LGBTQ community to have babies as well. She says a large amount of her clients are same sex couples.  “With several combinations to achieve to have a baby with same sex couples, anything is possible!”

Red Rock Fertility Clinic is bringing life to Las Vegas daily. For more information on Red Rock Fertility Center and Dr. Eva Littman visit

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