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Dr. Andrew Cash // DLXVRSN 2017 Man Of The Year

Dr. Andrew Cash // DLXVRSN 2017 Man Of The Year


Luxury is about more than having fine things…it’s about living a fine life, as wholly and healthfully as we can, for as long as we all should live. Thankfully, there are professionals across all disciplines that exist to help us do that. Andrew M. Cash, M.D., is one of them.

Cash has been a senior spine surgeon in his practice Desert Institute of Spine Care for more than 11 years, where, ironically, since his early years of practice, he hasn’t advocated whipping out a scalpel at the first sign of discomfort, and instead weighs each decision heavily against all other options. For him, slow and steady wins the race when it comes to approaching injury from the right angle.

“Fortunately, most of my patients are treated on an elective basis, meaning that they do not have an emergency surgery that requires a life or limb-saving procedure immediately after their injury occurs,” says Cash, who earned his undergrad and med school training at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill before attending an orthopedic surgery program out West for, among other trainings, a fellowship with renowned surgeon Dr. Robert Watkins.

“The only way that I am able to achieve that success,” he adds, “is through the assistance of excellent local providers, including physical therapists, chiropractors, pain management physicians, primary care physicians and neurologists. The team approach is best utilized to achieve conservative, non-surgical success in most patients.”

A team-playing surgeon like Cash—who practiced the definition of “team” during a 2-year stint as a collegiate rugby player, competing on the East coast and in Scotland—is the kind of medical unicorn patients dream of as they navigate the oft-murky waters of advocating their own healthcare. That’s why Cash’s has become a commodity on both coasts. His patients value his patience.

“We take pride in returning patients to their life, work and activities without surgical intervention, while also performing the most minimally invasive surgical techniques to improve their outcomes,” says Cash.

– Jen Chase

2017 Man Of The Year – DLXVRSN Magazine

Since 2013 our luxury networking events for professionals, community achievers and personalities have been recognized at a local level through the Las Vegas area. DLXVRSN Magazine prides itself in bringing the spotlight back to the individuals that make an ordinary person’s life even better, or as we say the “deluxe version.” These individuals are hard working leaders using talent, taste, fashion, and finer living as means of building a better world for everyone around them. During our monthly process of granting former honorees a chance to “pay-it-forward” in choosing the next set of local leaders to shine a spotlight on, our team gets a few names recommended consistently for their excellence and community contributions. Dr. Andrew Cash first entered our league of DLXVRSN honorees in 2015 and over the course of the last 12 months received the most nominations of any man from former honorees, making him our 2017 Man Of The Year.

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