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Doctors Hayley & Steve Brown: Working Together In Medical Matrimony

Doctors Hayley & Steve Brown: Working Together In Medical Matrimony

– By Stacey Gualandi

The couple that operates together propagates together, and nowhere is that more apparent than inside the Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center. The Henderson, Nev., base for beauty makeovers boasts not one but two Doctors Brown, and while it’s an uncommon arrangement, it works well for them, and keeps their center growing.

“Our patients feel safe in our hands, and it feels good to offer that,” says DHPSS’s Hayley Brown, MD, FACS, one of the city’s leading female plastic surgeons.

For over 20 years, the surgeon and her husband, anesthesiologist Steve Brown, MD, have practiced medicine as a married couple. Both say they were raised in households filled with doctors, so they feel right at home…in the operating room.

“When I get into the OR, it’s like a switch, says Steve Brown. “It’s like working with any surgeon: I’m busy doing my job, making patients feel safe and not in pain. “I’m not focused on my home life.”

And that’s exactly what she said. “There’s a curtain that divides us both—I’m doing my job, he’s doing his—but we are in constant communication at all times,” says Hayley Brown.

“A lot of patients have fear of going ‘under.’ I feel comfortable knowing that I trust [Steve],” adding jokingly: “And it’s the sounds he makes. I know what’s happening with him based on his sounds alone. Ha!”

The Browns’ cosmetic coupling provides “personalized attention and expert care along with realistic expectations and minimal downtime,” making Desert Hills a sought-after destination with local clientele as well as people visiting from across the globe.

“Once they start, they come back for more,” says Steve Brown. “They like the fact we’ve been here so long and are stable. They know us. Sometimes, [if] I can’t show up, they get mad! Ha!”

While it’s a true family affair at work, with four teenage kids at home, for the Browns it’s a constant work-life balancing act…so what happens at the office stays at the office.

“We have a relaxing, fun, great time together [as a family]. We are excited to go home, with all that chaos,” says Hayley Brown. “I wouldn’t want to practice any other way.”

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