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DLXVRSN Travel: The Gale and SIXTY Beverly Hills

DLXVRSN Travel: The Gale and SIXTY Beverly Hills

Coast to coast, these East-West resorts deliver the same thing: Luxury

By Urian Booze

Need a getaway? One of the luxe variety? Here are two stunner options for getting your travel on the DLXVRSN Magazine way. The Gale A classic gem re-imagined,

The Gale

is a fabulous treat nestled just a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean. The pioneer property made a splash back in 1941, as the first of its kind to bring tropical Art Deco to South Beach, courtesy of Architect L. Murray Dixon. Resurrected in 2012, the new and improved Gale is a breathtakingly seamless marriage of modern plush and brilliant nostalgia of the ‘40s.

The refreshed lobby is covered in imported oak and marble accents, complete with spectacular décor from the original hotel in its era of splendor. Champagne service is the standard at check-in, as a precursor to crossing the thresholds of dazzling guest rooms that boast top-of-the-line contemporary furnishings and airy private balconies bathed in white. As if the waves right down the block weren’t enough, guests can always get their sand-free agua fix a little higher up at the luxurious infinity pool, with its sweeping views of the ocean.

All in all, The Gale is a perfectly executed present-day twist on a marvelous classic.

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