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One To Watch: Maria Romano

One To Watch: Maria Romano

– Ashlee DeMartino

If you know Vegas and its music scene, you know this young up-and-coming DJ who is spinning at some of the top clubs on the Strip: DJ Maria Romano. Known for her hip-hop beats and Latin flare the female powerhouse DJ is taking Vegas by storm. Deluxe Version Magazine recently got a chance to chat with Maria Romano about her life, passion and DJ style.

Deluxe Version Magazine: Who is DJ Maria Romano?

Maria Romano: I’m a hip hop-Latin DJ who loves to create a vibe in an environment where everyone can have fun and go home not remembering much from the night. (LOL)

DVM: How did you get your start?

MR: I started when I was 11 years old. My brother would DJ parties and I would always tag along. The first time I was behind a DJ booth I immediately loved being there!

DVM: Where does your passion for music come from?

MR: There isn’t one particular thing that started my passion. When I was a baby I was walking around with a microphone [and] radio, and a Michael Jackson glove with MJ on repeat.

DVM: Where do you DJ at in Vegas?

MR: I DJ at Drais beach club (where this upcoming summer I begin my residency on Fridays), and at Drais Night Club and Drais After Hours for our Imagine parties. I also DJ for Hakkasan group at Omnia, where I am the resident for our Latin night, Deseo; and I DJ at 1 OAK, Jewel  and Hakkasan night club.

DVM: What are you known for?

MR: I’m known for my hip hop and Latin nights. I am also known to have a good time and you can always be sure to see a bottle of tequila next to me.

DVM: What is something special that sets you apart from other DJs?

MR: I have played [everywhere from} the most rugged hip-hop spots to the most elegant mansion parties, to top-40 EDM venues, to pure Latin nights in New York…which requires reading the crowd differently and playing for the people, not myself.

DVM: What is it like to be a female in a male-dominated industry? What advice would you give to other young women wanting to do what you do?

MR: Being a female DJ has its challenges—especially being a female DJ who isn’t here to dress sexually to catch your eye. I don’t let it get to me, though. I just keep on going forward. I’m here to express myself through my music and my fashion the way I want to, and I think a lot of people have this misconception that a female DJ is supposed to have this sex appeal…but all I can say is just stay true to yourself. If you try to be someone you aren’t, you’re gonna get caught up and people are going to lose respect for you. Number one advice is to be yourself, whatever that is, and let that take you to places you only used to think about.

DVM: What inspires you?

MR: The inspiration comes from the high I get when I’m playing an awesome set and the crowd is literally at my will, accepting whatever it is I am throwing at them.

DVM: What are you proud of?

MR: I love what I do because I get to touch so many lives through music and emotion and feeling.

DVM: What special projects are you involved with or want to be involved with here in Vegas? 

MR: My special projects for 2020 is a secret, so I guess you will have to wait and see. But growth is what I want to be involved with myself and the night life scene…not just in Vegas but everywhere.

DVM: What’s a glimpse into your 5-year plan?

MR: My 5-year plan is just growing as a DJ; more residencies; more partnerships and friendships with artists; and traveling the world. I’m always working on my craft and getting better, so when you see me, just know I always have something up my sleeve that’s gonna hit the surface.

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