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Dive Into Your Future Happiness with Summerlin Psychic 

Dive Into Your Future Happiness with Summerlin Psychic 

Dive Into Your Future Happiness with Summerlin Psychic 

–By Dani Reeves 

Have you ever wondered about your future? Have you been curious about your career path, or whether you were making the right decisions in your relationships? Maybe you’ve been traumatized by a past event, or your intuition tells you something’s on the horizon but you just can’t put your finger on which direction to take or what it means? It’s natural to question the unknown. Thankfully, there are highly attuned individuals who have the ability to feel and intuit beyond normal sensory contact in a way that gives us insight to all that is, and all that might be.

Katherine of Summerlin Psychic is a spiritual counselor, and psychic advisor and healer who has been clairvoyant her entire life. A gift that runs more than three generations deep in her family, she says that growing up, “seeing visions was like how we now see Starbucks: We would see them every day.” 

Katherine—who, professionally, uses only her first name to protect her anonymity—has practiced for the last 25 years and lived in Las Vegas for the last 19. During her 90-minute sessions, clients receive tarot-card readings which, in Katherine’s experience, help complement her deep psychic abilities, and allow her to deliver a more accurate experience to clients who are seeking her guidance.

“This is a gift that is to not only help people clarify things about their life that they want to know, but it’s a gift that allows me to help people when they’re at a crossroads,” Katherine says genuinely. “Whatever they are going through, [during their session] we cover as much as we can. I want clients to feel comfortable when they leave. I never allow them to get off the chair with questions left unanswered.”     

Katherine feels as if her entire life has been dedicated to helping others. “I love meeting new people and I’m very passionate about helping people feel comfortable about making big decisions that might come to light during our readings,” she says. “I am there to guide them through the readings. And, I don’t give any answers unless I am extremely sure.”  

For more information about Katherine or to book a session, reach her at or by calling 310-504-4365. 


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