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Deven Chase | Realty Extraordinaire

deven-chase-dlxvrsnSince his arrival to Las Vegas in 2004, REALTOR®, Deven Chase excelled in becoming a ”mover and shaker” in the local industry. In Vegas’ illustrious nightlife scene, he began to be known for having exclusive access to the most prestigious parties and events in town. This exclusivity was even extended to him during the busiest tourist weekends & holidays. Thusly, Deven became a top VIP Host and Promoter in the scene by providing high numbers of party-goers and turning profits for the biggest venues on the Strip. During his successful years in Promotions & Marketing, Deven also worked for Wells Fargo Financial as a Mortgage Underwriter. In 2007, he chose to move into the bank branches to work directly with customers to service their mortgages and originate Home Equity Lines of Credit. Here, he began to develop a large book of business of affluent clients who gained an affinity for all that he had to offer; inside & outside of the bank.

At the same time, Deven Chase began his own staffing agency of promoters who were paid direct deposit via Wells Fargo as they answered the needs of the nightclubs. This type of resourcefulness is what drives the ship for Deven and, in turn, his clients. He also volunteers often for Non-Profit Organizations & places of worship and served as a Housing Counselor at Real Estate Help Center (located at CSN Charleston Campus) during Las Vegas’ darkest and most dismal times in Real Estate (2009-11).

Deven’s extensive network and passion for being a “people person” soon advanced him into the welcoming arms of other International companies such as Coca-Cola and Yelp. He was called upon to advance the vitaminwater & smartwater brands, locally, via strategic marketing program activations and his strong local network. He was able to take the brand on to new heights and into the hands of many celebrities, influencers and ”tastemakers” in the Las Vegas market. Executive Marketing was his forte when working with Yelp to foster relationships, originate & strengthen new partnerships in the Vegas valley as well as on the Strip.

Currently, Deven Chase sits as Managing Partner of Chase Your Estate, LLC. and serves as a Third Generation REALTOR® with his Broker, Majestic Properties while maintaining a keen focus on brand new and pre-owned luxury homes & condominiums in Las Vegas.


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