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Delectable Cocktails | Angel Dust

Delectable Cocktails | Angel Dust

There are some incredible cocktail combinations you can find at the finest bars and lounges out there. Only a few are as luxurious as the latter, Angel Dust, created by the makers of ANGELS APHROENERGY. This is as heavenly as it sounds, with a sweet twist of berry flavors complimented by 24k Gold Flakes.


Angel Dust

“A refreshing delectable treat, Angel Dust is a one of a kind cocktail that is both sexy and luxurious. It is rich in fruit flavors and provides increased stimulation, sensitivity, sensation, stamina, and STATUS. Angel Dust boldly sends a message AND makes a statement.” –

Preparation and Ingredients: Combine chilled Angels Aphroenergy, vodka, and Chambord liquor into shaker with ice. Shake mildly and strain into a martini glass. Garner with 24k gold flakes and serve.

3 Parts Angels Aphroenergy
.5 Parts Vodka
.5 Chambord Liquor
Garnish with 24k Gold Flakes


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